1. What is Kider App?

A mobile application to support parents finding the right activities personalised to their kids age, interest and location. We connect parents with each-other and with the kid program providers, supporting community relations.

2. What versions of operating system for mobile phones does Kider App work on?

Android phones, 5.1 and above and for iPhone 10 and above (coming soon).

3. How can I sign up to Kider App?

You can use your Facebook account, Gmail address or an email to register and later to sign in to our app.

4. Do I have to create a password on Kider App?

If you register through your Facebook and Gmail account the app will use your already existing profile, so you don't need to touch your credentials.

If you register through an email account, you have to provide a minimum 6 digits keyword, with at least one capital letter, one number and one other symbol in it.

5. How can I change my password? 

If you registered through an email address (not Gmail), you can go to request a password reset on this page: 

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